Cleaning a home is a laborious task for many. After a hard day at the office, having to get the duster and the hoover out is often the last thing you want to do.

While many have the finances to hire a professional house cleaning service, that clean their home from top to bottom when they are at work, many of us simply haven’t got that luxury and just have to get on with the task in hand.

Below are 7 simple cleaning hacks that any busy, proud homeowner can follow.

These tips are simple, straightforward and easy to undertake. Not only will they save you a load of time, but will also give your home that sparkle back.

home cleaning tips and tricks

Cleaning You Carpets

One of the first things guests to your home will notice is the cleanliness of your carpets. A great tips for making them look like new is to hoover both horizontally and vertically. This method of hoovering ensures all twisted fibers are reached and cleaned. However, don’t be shy do request professional carpet cleaning Putney help when experts are needed!

Cleaning A Mirror

You don’t need to purchase glass cleaners and paper towels to scrub the mirrors in your home. Some vinegar and newspaper is all you require to make them shine like new. Remember, your home will look a lot cleaner if the mirrors are sparkling.

Get Cracking With The Dishes Straight After A Meal

If you aren’t fortunate enough to own a dishwasher, cleaning plates and pans can prove to be a tough task if you leave them overnight for the food debris to harden and stick.

Make a habit of rinsing your plates and pans as soon as you finish a meal. You should ask your friends and family for help. While this seems like a very simple tip, it’s amazing how many households leave the dishes overnight which doubles the amount of work and time the task takes compared to if it’s completed straight away.

Cleaning the Oven

The oven is often the most problematic area of the kitchen in terms of cleanliness. Many people let the dirt and grime get out of control by leaving the cleaning for months and months and then end up having to spend hours on the task.

Mixing baking soda with a small amount of water and leaving the paste spread around the oven for 12 hours makes wiping the dirt and debris with a damp cloth easy. Doing this on a regular basis ensures the task can be completed quickly and your oven looks like new all of the time.

Cleaning the Microwave

Cleaning a microwave is quite simple. Take a cup of water and place it in the microwave on high temperature for a few minutes. The water in the cup will turn into steam and loosen any stuck on food and debris, making it very easy to wipe away.

Cleaning the Fridge

Most of us find cleaning the fridge a huge task and often avoid cleaning it altogether. This is a mistake as it increases your workload in the long term.

To keep it in a clean condition, out of date food should be removed on a regular basis and the inside wiped with a baking soda and water, which will leave the fridge sparkling & smelling fresh.

Cleaning the Bathroom

Use lemon oil to give your bathroom tiles that perfect shine and remove mold and mildew.

So there you have it 7 excellent cleaning tips for the busy working professional to keep their home clean and tidy.