Carpets are among the most popular floors after hardwood, tiles and concrete. It comes in a wide variety of colors, designs and styles making it the best choice. The problem is unlike other floor types that are easy to clean when liquids spill, they need a different kind of attention. The one disadvantage they have is that they are made with polypropylene and nylon. There are those lined with wool which makes them easy to stain. Accidents are common in the home and some include coffee stains, wine stain, pet urine and pet hair among others.

Stain removal methods with steam cleaning

When stains occur, home owners rush to seek different DIY methods in order to contain the stains and prevent them from becoming a permanent fixture on the carpet. Once this is done, the tough question that remains is which is the perfect deep cleaning method suitable for all stains.

Here are top 3 deep carpet-cleaning methods.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Also referred to as very low moisture system, this method relies on dry-compounds which are used with other cleaning solutions. The method has become very popular thanks to its rapid drying time. Dry carpet-cleaning method is less labor intensive and much faster. Experts use pre-treatments and pre-conditioners that help to break the binding of soils to fibers over a short period of time. Once this is done, an absorbent biodegradable compound is spread evenly then scrubbed in. Dirt and grime are attracted to the compound which is then vacuumed off leaving the carpet clean. When you hire a professional, they will use a specialy-designed counter rotating brushing-system which can be used without a vacuum-cleaner.

Steam Cleaning

As one of the most effective carpet cleaning method, steam-cleaning is a deep sterilizing process that utilizes water extraction. The method is preferred by many manufacturers as it helps to get rid of all stains even dirt and soil. It penetrates deep into the fibers removing all the dirt stuck to the fibers. Professionals use a fine spray of cleaning-solution and hot water. This pushes out the dirt from deep within the fibers. Once this is done, it is vacuumed where the dirty water plus chemicals are stored in a holding tank.

Steam-cleaning is preferred as the best method because soil and moisture are not circulated in the air. Furthermore it is a healthy and non-invasive way of cleaning the carpet. It ensures a complete and through removal of all stains plus it does not leave any residual moisture which could lead to growth of mold.

Encapsulation Cleaning

This can be said to be the latest carpet-cleaning method that has deep-cleaning ability. It helps to remove dirt and soil that is deeply seated in the fibers. The method is composed of a series of processes which can be used with other deep-cleaning methods.

The method uses emulsifiers which help to dissolve oils and grease. Combined with strong agitation, it helps to loosen the deeply seated dirt and suspend it. The chemistry behind encapsulation is that polymers coat the fibers and dirt. They crystallize over time and once it is dry, one can use simple vacuuming. It ensures a good appearance, fast production rates and high resistance to wicking.