Nothing is as picturesque as a clean home. Everyone loves it including your visitors who travel miles to see you and your neighbours who cross the street just to say hello to you. However, home cleaning is not an easy task. It takes hard work, time, and a bit of ingenuity. The trick is to focus on a few critical areas making sure they look extremely clean. Here is how to clean these five critical things in your home.

1. Cleaning Your Oven

Oven.Food is the most important thing to you and your family. For this reason, you have to be careful when cleaning your oven because that is where you cook food for you family. The best thing to do is to make a paste of baking soda and water. Coat the oven with it and then let it sit that way overnight. Spray some vinegar on it and afterwards, wipe it down. It will look brand new.

2. Cleaning Your Carpet

People will always notice your carpet and if it is dusty, they will think that your entire house is dirty. First, you should vacuum your carpet regularly so that you remove any food debris, dirt, or pet hairs from it. You should also remove carpet stains as soon as it is possible for you to do so. Use a cloth and some water, but blot the stain. Do not rub it. You can harden gun with an ice cube before you remove it. Never make a carpet too wet when you are washing it with shampoo. Dry it and then vacuum it once dry.┬áIf you need professional help, don’t bother but just call one of the many professional rug cleaning London specialists.

3. Cleaning Your Bathtub

Clean bathtub.Home cleaning methods when cleaning a bathtub differ depending on the material used to make the tub. For example, you should use abrasive powder and a scouring pad for porcelain tubs. You can remove tough stains with a pumice stone. Enamel bathtubs are easy to clean with commercial cleaners. For tough stains, you can use trisodium phosphates. Vinegar and soft sponges are enough for acrylic tubs.

4. Cleaning Your Upholstery

Upholstery cleaning is a bit complicated so it is wise to seek professional help as opposed to home cleaning it yourself. The same goes for carpet cleaning. However, if you feel you are up to it then vacuum the surfaces you intend to clean. Test the cleaner you have on a hidden part of your upholstery. If it removes the color or causes the fabric to think, then get another cleaner. Make foam with the cleaner, apply it on your upholstery, and then rub the area with a soft-bristle brush. Remove the foam, wipe down the area, and then let the upholstery dry.

5. Cleaning Your Fridge

Fridge.People barely notice an untidy fridge until something in there starts rotting. You should not do the same especially when cleaning a fridge is easy. You just have to take all the food out of the fridge. Throw away the expired stuff. Remove any drawers or trays in the fridge and clean them individually. Spray a cleaning solution on its interior surfaces and then wipe them down. Use vinegar and water to clean its gasket. Make sure everything is dry before your reintroduce the drawers and trays into the fridge. Finally, put the food items back into the fridge and you are through with home cleaning this item.

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