busy-momIf you are a working mom and you have a very stressful program, you need to have a home organization plan, that suits yous best and help you manage your family and career more easily. The following are the top 7 busy-mom secrets for a clean home.

Schedule Your Cleaning Program

It’s important to be able to stick to a daily program, in order to have a clean and healthy home for your family. Make sure you divide the tasks you have to do for each day within a week. For example, Monday can be a great day for mopping your floors, whereas Friday can be the day for cleaning your carpets. Once you make a daily schedule, cleaning your home can become a more manageable task.

Prepare Meals in Bulk

You can cook various meals that can last for at least two or three days. This way you won’t have to prepare meals for all the members of your family every day and you will gain more free time. Even though you can decide to order a pizza, you can actually save both money and time by having prepared your meals in bulk.

Carpet Cleaning

A clean carpet is important both for the appearance of your home and the health of your beloved ones. You can prepare the rooms to be vacuumed for half every 2 or 3 days. First you can pick up any toys or other objects and vacuum your rooms horizontally and vertically. A good idea is to vacuum the entire room forward and back and then repeat the process by going from left to right.

If you want to dirt out smalls spots, you can use a cleaning product from the market and follow the directions of the bottle. Keep in mind that some products may not be the appropriate ones for your carpet. If you feel it’s too much on your plate, you can look for a professional carpet cleaning Cockfosters service.

Involve Your Kids

Cleaning can become a more difficult task if you have small children in the house. But you can involve your kids in your everyday cleaning schedule. For example, you can teach them how to pick up their own toys from the floors or to wash the dishes. This way you can clean your house in less time and you can also learn your teach how to be responsible. If you wish you can even reward them for the special efforts from time to time.

Make Your Laundry

You can spread things out, in order to not be bogged down by 100 towels or socks. If you have a washer and a dryer, you can do a little bit every day.

Remove the Dust

It’s important to clean your house regularly, because this way you can improve the quality of the air within your house. Moreover, you can lower a number of allergens that are related with dust.