How To Choose End Of Tenancy Cleaning Company?

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Which move out cleaning company to choose?Proper end of tenancy cleaning is crucial, and so is the need for choosing the right cleaning company for the job. After all, the company you hire to conduct a thorough cleaning of your home before will determine if the cleaning has been successful or not. Now, the problem with choosing the right end of tenancy cleaning services arises due to the fact that there are endless choices available to homeowners.

However, we’ve brought you some tips on how to choose a cleaning service company that would suffice all your needs.

How to choose an end of tenancy cleaning company?

Since value for money is of the essence, you ought to be looking for a cleaner that prioritizes quality over quantity. But how do you weed out just one name from potentially dozen others that are competing in the same area? Well, look for the following signs to find out.

  1. Experience: The amount of time a professional cleaning company has been in business is a solid indicator of their service quality. Since no company can survive in the market without honoring their promises, a cleaning company with experience speaks of the fact that they have many happy customers. So, it’s best to look for a reputable company rather than a new one.
  2. Expertise: A reputable company should have qualified and properly trained employees because their image is as good as their workers. Therefore, when you are looking for an end of tenancy cleaning company, be sure to inquire if they are experts in the field and have the necessary license to operate.
  3. Terms and conditions: Another thing that will help you in zeroing in on a reliable cleaning company is their contract. A service provider with a straightforward terms and conditions contract assures quality service that justifies the price. For example, a contract should mention information if the company fails to meet the desired standards of cleaning and the kind of compensation they provide in such cases.
  4. Popularity: In the fast progressing age of digitization, we often ignore word-of-mouth references and tend to focus on looking up online reviews. But the reality is that personal references are still as relevant today as how they were a few years back. So, if a friend or relative suggests you a cleaner then don’t be afraid to check them out. They’re probably quite popular in your local area.
  5. Customer service: The one aspect that separates great companies from the good is their quality of customer service. An end of and see cleaning company that is willing to go above and beyond your expectations but charges a slightly higher price is a much better option than a company that barely meets your requirements at a cheap price. Expertise, politeness of staff, and the approach they take for cleaning all come under customer service.


The best cleaning professionals in your area know that they have to tailor their services to fit your requirements and should go beyond expectations to give you 100% satisfaction. They can even offer solid discounts on the price for carpet cleaning hackney. Now that you know how to scout for the best end of tenancy cleaning companies, go ahead and get looking now.

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7 Busy-Mom Secrets for a Clean Home

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busy-momIf you are a working mom and you have a very stressful program, you need to have a home organization plan, that suits yous best and help you manage your family and career more easily. The following are the top 7 busy-mom secrets for a clean home.

Schedule Your Cleaning Program

It’s important to be able to stick to a daily program, in order to have a clean and healthy home for your family. Make sure you divide the tasks you have to do for each day within a week. For example, Monday can be a great day for mopping your floors, whereas Friday can be the day for cleaning your carpets. Once you make a daily schedule, cleaning your home can become a more manageable task.

Prepare Meals in Bulk

You can cook various meals that can last for at least two or three days. This way you won’t have to prepare meals for all the members of your family every day and you will gain more free time. Even though you can decide to order a pizza, you can actually save both money and time by having prepared your meals in bulk.

Carpet Cleaning

A clean carpet is important both for the appearance of your home and the health of your beloved ones. You can prepare the rooms to be vacuumed for half every 2 or 3 days. First you can pick up any toys or other objects and vacuum your rooms horizontally and vertically. A good idea is to vacuum the entire room forward and back and then repeat the process by going from left to right.

If you want to dirt out smalls spots, you can use a cleaning product from the market and follow the directions of the bottle. Keep in mind that some products may not be the appropriate ones for your carpet. If you feel it’s too much on your plate, you can look for a professional carpet cleaning Cockfosters service.

Involve Your Kids

Cleaning can become a more difficult task if you have small children in the house. But you can involve your kids in your everyday cleaning schedule. For example, you can teach them how to pick up their own toys from the floors or to wash the dishes. This way you can clean your house in less time and you can also learn your teach how to be responsible. If you wish you can even reward them for the special efforts from time to time.

Make Your Laundry

You can spread things out, in order to not be bogged down by 100 towels or socks. If you have a washer and a dryer, you can do a little bit every day.

Remove the Dust

It’s important to clean your house regularly, because this way you can improve the quality of the air within your house. Moreover, you can lower a number of allergens that are related with dust.

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Top 3 Deep Carpet Cleaning Methods For All Stains

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Carpets are among the most popular floors after hardwood, tiles and concrete. It comes in a wide variety of colors, designs and styles making it the best choice. The problem is unlike other floor types that are easy to clean when liquids spill, they need a different kind of attention. The one disadvantage they have is that they are made with polypropylene and nylon. There are those lined with wool which makes them easy to stain. Accidents are common in the home and some include coffee stains, wine stain, pet urine and pet hair among others.

Stain removal methods with steam cleaning

When stains occur, home owners rush to seek different DIY methods in order to contain the stains and prevent them from becoming a permanent fixture on the carpet. Once this is done, the tough question that remains is which is the perfect deep cleaning method suitable for all stains.

Here are top 3 deep carpet-cleaning methods.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Also referred to as very low moisture system, this method relies on dry-compounds which are used with other cleaning solutions. The method has become very popular thanks to its rapid drying time. Dry carpet-cleaning method is less labor intensive and much faster. Experts use pre-treatments and pre-conditioners that help to break the binding of soils to fibers over a short period of time. Once this is done, an absorbent biodegradable compound is spread evenly then scrubbed in. Dirt and grime are attracted to the compound which is then vacuumed off leaving the carpet clean. When you hire a professional, they will use a specialy-designed counter rotating brushing-system which can be used without a vacuum-cleaner.

Steam Cleaning

As one of the most effective carpet cleaning method, steam-cleaning is a deep sterilizing process that utilizes water extraction. The method is preferred by many manufacturers as it helps to get rid of all stains even dirt and soil. It penetrates deep into the fibers removing all the dirt stuck to the fibers. Professionals use a fine spray of cleaning-solution and hot water. This pushes out the dirt from deep within the fibers. Once this is done, it is vacuumed where the dirty water plus chemicals are stored in a holding tank.

Steam-cleaning is preferred as the best method because soil and moisture are not circulated in the air. Furthermore it is a healthy and non-invasive way of cleaning the carpet. It ensures a complete and through removal of all stains plus it does not leave any residual moisture which could lead to growth of mold.

Encapsulation Cleaning

This can be said to be the latest carpet-cleaning method that has deep-cleaning ability. It helps to remove dirt and soil that is deeply seated in the fibers. The method is composed of a series of processes which can be used with other deep-cleaning methods.

The method uses emulsifiers which help to dissolve oils and grease. Combined with strong agitation, it helps to loosen the deeply seated dirt and suspend it. The chemistry behind encapsulation is that polymers coat the fibers and dirt. They crystallize over time and once it is dry, one can use simple vacuuming. It ensures a good appearance, fast production rates and high resistance to wicking.

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Top 6 Easiest House Cleaning Tips

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Cleaning a home is a laborious task for many. After a hard day at the office, having to get the duster and the hoover out is often the last thing you want to do.

While many have the finances to hire a professional house cleaning service, that clean their home from top to bottom when they are at work, many of us simply haven’t got that luxury and just have to get on with the task in hand.

Below are 7 simple cleaning hacks that any busy, proud homeowner can follow.

These tips are simple, straightforward and easy to undertake. Not only will they save you a load of time, but will also give your home that sparkle back.

home cleaning tips and tricks

Cleaning You Carpets

One of the first things guests to your home will notice is the cleanliness of your carpets. A great tips for making them look like new is to hoover both horizontally and vertically. This method of hoovering ensures all twisted fibers are reached and cleaned. However, don’t be shy do request professional carpet cleaning Putney help when experts are needed!

Cleaning A Mirror

You don’t need to purchase glass cleaners and paper towels to scrub the mirrors in your home. Some vinegar and newspaper is all you require to make them shine like new. Remember, your home will look a lot cleaner if the mirrors are sparkling.

Get Cracking With The Dishes Straight After A Meal

If you aren’t fortunate enough to own a dishwasher, cleaning plates and pans can prove to be a tough task if you leave them overnight for the food debris to harden and stick.

Make a habit of rinsing your plates and pans as soon as you finish a meal. You should ask your friends and family for help. While this seems like a very simple tip, it’s amazing how many households leave the dishes overnight which doubles the amount of work and time the task takes compared to if it’s completed straight away.

Cleaning the Oven

The oven is often the most problematic area of the kitchen in terms of cleanliness. Many people let the dirt and grime get out of control by leaving the cleaning for months and months and then end up having to spend hours on the task.

Mixing baking soda with a small amount of water and leaving the paste spread around the oven for 12 hours makes wiping the dirt and debris with a damp cloth easy. Doing this on a regular basis ensures the task can be completed quickly and your oven looks like new all of the time.

Cleaning the Microwave

Cleaning a microwave is quite simple. Take a cup of water and place it in the microwave on high temperature for a few minutes. The water in the cup will turn into steam and loosen any stuck on food and debris, making it very easy to wipe away.

Cleaning the Fridge

Most of us find cleaning the fridge a huge task and often avoid cleaning it altogether. This is a mistake as it increases your workload in the long term.

To keep it in a clean condition, out of date food should be removed on a regular basis and the inside wiped with a baking soda and water, which will leave the fridge sparkling & smelling fresh.

Cleaning the Bathroom

Use lemon oil to give your bathroom tiles that perfect shine and remove mold and mildew.

So there you have it 7 excellent cleaning tips for the busy working professional to keep their home clean and tidy.

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How Hard Is To Clean A Carpet?

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Your carpet will become the victim of accidents, spills, drops and items at the bottom of any shoe irrespective of your best efforts at cleanliness. It is important to learn how to keep carpets looking new and handle problem areas. Carpet cleaning can be an exhausting and hard task. Nevertheless, it is expedient to maintain a clean living domicile. While expert services can be available, it is crucial to have knowledge on how to keep your carpets long-lasting and clean apart from hiring a professional carpet cleaning London service. Due to the difficulties attached to cleaning carpets, this article is specially written to give you simple tips on how to become successful in the entire process.

Vacuum Your Carpet In Different Directions

vacuum-cleanerWith this simple idea, you will be able to get rid of dust particles and ground-in soil from all corners perfectly. It is simply because this method suits the individual carpet fibers and gets rid of dirt efficiently. Dirt in the deeper layers of your carpet can be trapped by constantly operating the vacuum in the same pattern or direction.

Make Use Of Water Or Club Soda

Club soda is not only for mixed drinks when entertaining. Club soda is not also an old wives’ tale in terms of its cleaning ability. Studies have revealed that club soda can get rid of even the toughest stains or spots of fruit juice and red wine spills. Club soda remains a stain remover that can immediately get rid of spots or dirt and bring back your carpet to the best previous state. It is a natural product that does not leave behind any residue the manner spray items do.

Clean Constantly

Without any iota of doubt, it is a Herculean task to clean carpets. For this reason, you must be prepared to make your carpet appear attractive and neat. It helps to boost your natural health condition and increase your chance for healthy breathing. Cleaning your carpet frequently will help it to remain neat and free from dirt, dust particles, and other traffic blockages.

Shampoo Your Carpet

Another great way to overcome the difficulties attached to cleaning carpets is by using the right shampoo products. Even if carpets may be hard to clean, there are shampoo products on the market that can help to get a neat environment. Shampooing your carpet frequently will help to make clean again.


Truly, carpet cleaning is one of the most difficult tasks to perform at home. Nevertheless, you can always make a difference by following the tips above. If you want to get the best carpet cleaning solutions that convert, simply give us a call today.

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How To Clean These 5 Things In Your Home

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Nothing is as picturesque as a clean home. Everyone loves it including your visitors who travel miles to see you and your neighbours who cross the street just to say hello to you. However, home cleaning is not an easy task. It takes hard work, time, and a bit of ingenuity. The trick is to focus on a few critical areas making sure they look extremely clean. Here is how to clean these five critical things in your home.

1. Cleaning Your Oven

Oven.Food is the most important thing to you and your family. For this reason, you have to be careful when cleaning your oven because that is where you cook food for you family. The best thing to do is to make a paste of baking soda and water. Coat the oven with it and then let it sit that way overnight. Spray some vinegar on it and afterwards, wipe it down. It will look brand new.

2. Cleaning Your Carpet

People will always notice your carpet and if it is dusty, they will think that your entire house is dirty. First, you should vacuum your carpet regularly so that you remove any food debris, dirt, or pet hairs from it. You should also remove carpet stains as soon as it is possible for you to do so. Use a cloth and some water, but blot the stain. Do not rub it. You can harden gun with an ice cube before you remove it. Never make a carpet too wet when you are washing it with shampoo. Dry it and then vacuum it once dry. If you need professional help, don’t bother but just call one of the many professional rug cleaning London specialists.

3. Cleaning Your Bathtub

Clean bathtub.Home cleaning methods when cleaning a bathtub differ depending on the material used to make the tub. For example, you should use abrasive powder and a scouring pad for porcelain tubs. You can remove tough stains with a pumice stone. Enamel bathtubs are easy to clean with commercial cleaners. For tough stains, you can use trisodium phosphates. Vinegar and soft sponges are enough for acrylic tubs.

4. Cleaning Your Upholstery

Upholstery cleaning is a bit complicated so it is wise to seek professional help as opposed to home cleaning it yourself. The same goes for carpet cleaning. However, if you feel you are up to it then vacuum the surfaces you intend to clean. Test the cleaner you have on a hidden part of your upholstery. If it removes the color or causes the fabric to think, then get another cleaner. Make foam with the cleaner, apply it on your upholstery, and then rub the area with a soft-bristle brush. Remove the foam, wipe down the area, and then let the upholstery dry.

5. Cleaning Your Fridge

Fridge.People barely notice an untidy fridge until something in there starts rotting. You should not do the same especially when cleaning a fridge is easy. You just have to take all the food out of the fridge. Throw away the expired stuff. Remove any drawers or trays in the fridge and clean them individually. Spray a cleaning solution on its interior surfaces and then wipe them down. Use vinegar and water to clean its gasket. Make sure everything is dry before your reintroduce the drawers and trays into the fridge. Finally, put the food items back into the fridge and you are through with home cleaning this item.

You can follow these tips for perfect garden!

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Gardening Tips for the Perfect Backyard

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If you really do want to ponder on the notion of perfection, the thing that makes a backyard perfect is that it can be commonly enjoyed with great pleasure by friends and family. That is where it derives its meaning and its usefulness. Absent the ability to share, it’s about as perfect as the Queen of Hearts wanted her rose garden to be when Alice suddenly chanced upon it.Anyone who has ever planted, nourished and grown plants know that time is the most vital element in gardening. The gardener may possess all the necessary implements, tools, growth hormones, fertilizers, seeds and yet, without understanding time, even the most elegant of plants will look like a weed.
The aim of this article is to make gardening a well cherished activity for the entire family. After all, a garden is best enjoyed in the company of good friends and laughter. Here are tips from an experienced gardener.

1. Biology 101
Each plant has its own personality and character in the same way that flowers bloom in different months. Read up on the types of plants that you have the patience for caring. If you are a beginner, then choose the plants which don’t need too much attention and care. Plants are like princesses, treat them well and the kingdom could be yours. Knowing a plant, is knowing its name.
2. Keep a Plant Journal / Inventory

All backyards, no matter the state of disrepair or neglect it is in, have plants or weeds in it. Keeping a journal is not just about reminiscing about the past, but more importantly the future.

Each plant has its own potential and you have the power to alter its course. Knowing what and how much plants you have could help you with the next tip.

3. Create a vision

You now know the plant and know how much of it you have. The next step is to predict how it would look like after a year or two. There’s no such thing as a green thumb, only ill planning and the lack of knowledge. That harmless and cute little bougainvillea could indeed turn into a spiny monster when left untended to. By having a vision, you’ll be able to precisely know how to guide its growth. Payoff doesn’t come in months, it comes in years.
4. Go organic

What good would it do if you have the perfect backyard when you’ve been dumping harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides on it? When your kids grow, the place will be a virtual wasteland where even weeds dare not go.

5. Attitude

Perhaps the most intangible of all elements, attitude is vital for sustainability. The plants in your care are living creatures. Perhaps there’s a certain merit derived from talking to them after all. You need to love hard manual labor and extreme patience working under the sun. Without this, you’ll just give up, go inside your home and browse on the Internet for another gardening article.

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